Learn "How Voice Technology is Shaping Education and Entertainment" in VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant on June 25 At 2pm ET/11am PT at voicetalks.ai

Bamboo Learning, CoolGames, Sony, VoiceBrew and Voicebot.ai Featured

 VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant announces its third episode themed, "How Voice Technology is Shaping Education and Entertainment." Each episode is hosted by Google Assistant's Sofia Altuna and brings together the most innovative technologists, researchers, community builders and developers in the voice ecosystem. This upcoming premiere episode will feature interactive discussions with executives, engineers and developers from Bamboo LearningCoolGamesGoogleSonyVoiceBrew and Voicebot.ai and show how developers and partners are rapidly creating digital solutions to human needs across education, games and storytelling. The third livestream episode airs June 25 at 2pm ET/11am PT on voicetalks.ai. Register for the show HERE

"We've seen years of digital transformation take place in just a few months, including an acceleration of ambient computing. Google is working with developers and partners to create exciting, engaging and interactive games, education tools and information systems at home that gives consumers more ways to have fun and learn as a family." Payam Shodjai, Senior Director, Product Management at Google Assistant 

The program will begin with Bret Kinsella, CEO of Voicebot.ai, the leading destination for the most important news, commentary, research and analysis of voice technology, giving viewers an expert look at the trends and insights impacting voice in storytelling, games, education and entertainment. Following his industry snapshot, viewers will hear about the latest voice innovations across education and games in a fireside chat between Marco Lenoci, Google Assistant Partnerships, Paul Joffee, Head of Game Publishing at Sony and Ian Freed, CEO of Bamboo Learning. This conversation will provide viewers with an inside look at how companies like Sony and Bamboo are turning to voice as part of their core digital strategy and product offerings.

Leon Nicholls, a Google Developer Relations Engineer, will take viewers on a deep dive on the recently announced Interactive Canvas and Actions Builder programs created to support developers as they build for the future. Having just created its first VOICE game using Action Builder, CoolGames which specializes in deploying games cross-platform with click-and-play cloud technology, will be featured in the Partner Spotlight. In a one-on-one interview, Mary Chen, Google Assistant Developer Relations will speak with Terry Janssen, Senior Software Engineer from CoolGames to discuss the release of ​ their first Assistant games, Guess the Drawing and Horizontal Crossword in July. 

In the Ecosystem UpdateKatherine Prescott,founder and editor of the popular VoiceBrew, the voice community newsletter and blog that reaches 50,000 subscribers, will give viewers the inside look at how she discovers and features new Voice action and a demo on how to activate these games and activities 

This episode's video submission asks the community, "Do you have a cool voice game you like to play?" Viewers can submit videos here. Each live episode features interactive elements including the opportunity to ask questions live using #AskSofia, and selected video submissions from viewers. 

About Google Assistant:Available on more than 1 billion devices, in over 30 languages and more than 90 countries, Google Assistant helps more than 500 million people every month to get things done at home, in their car or on the go. People all over the world can have a natural conversation with their Google Assistant and ask for help with things like play music, turn on the lights, or start a favorite TV show. 

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